Our 2019 Open Day

Please come and join us at our second annual Open House on 14th Nov at the Jubilee Conference Centre. Our goal is to introduce you to our integrated robotic solutions and inspection technologies.



The morning is focused on robot integration and high accuracy robotic applications. This starts

with an introduction into the needs of creating robot programs, from CAD, to successfully and seamlessly transfer from virtual world into production. This is illustrated with a simple off-line robot program, created in Process Simulate (from Siemens), to a KUKA robot.



After downloading the program we test the “actual” path and positions with a live demo. This is by measuring the actual path using a ProCMM optical tracker from NDI and C-Track measurement/analysis software, from CTech Technology.


We will then have a short discussion on the results and present our solution; Adaptive Robot Control plus (ARC+) for high accuracy robotics, including a live demo.



The session on this robot integration ends with an update on robot drilling solution.



ARC+ includes extra infomatics including SPC. This is using an integrated Prolink QC-Calc Real Time interface.



The afternoon begins with a focus on inspection, with an overview of our solutions and the particular applications its designed for.


We will run a demonstration on manual inspection. This is particularly useful in low volume applications, including Pilot Plants, and for parts larger than a desktop. This is an interactive session with visitors encouraged to capture the data. This will be on an automotive sheet metal assembly, inspecting features and form.



The sensor is the latest blue light laser scanner from Nikon Metrology (H120) and the reporting/analysis software “Focus” is also from Nikon Metrology, used to get the maximum capabilities from the sensor.


We will then move on to TPR’s own robotic solution “air” (automated inspection and reporting); again showing a demo on KUKA KR10. This will be on an aerospace assembly, inspecting holes, countersinks and form. The unique design of the scanner housing and fully automated integration has all been done in-house at True Position Robotics.



We are delighted to announce we have an external presentation by Ingobert Schmadel from Inora/Ellipsoid Analytics. We are using their technology for product development /analysis / verification. The technology is used in a range of industries/applications from machine tool/CMM calibration/verification to data mining.



We will then finish up with more about our smart robotic solutions. There is a presentation on KUKA/Siemens “Run my Robot” solution where the KUKA KRC4 is controlled by a Siemens 840D. This is the first installation of this set-up in the UK, where all part programs are written in machine G-Code. Robot accuracy is achieved using ARC+.

This is installed on campus, but we cannot take large crowds to the cell. So please let us know in advance if you want to see the system.


As a bit of fun there is an interactive demo with a KUKA co-bot (Collaborative/human interaction) mounted on a portable (Flexfellow) base.



This KUKA co-bot technology is used by our partners FRS, and we will give an update on the robotic ultrasonic inspection cell now in full production use in Audi Brussels (True Position Robotics being UK resellers).



The aim is to finish at 4pm but we are available to stay later for extra discussions.


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