High Accuracy Robot Drilling and Countersinking

A low payload, low energy solution, always in the right place = Green

How much time and money could you save if we automated your drill cycle with zero concessions?

We have developed a lightweight, low energy, robotic drilling system that is transforming small aerostructure assembly. Providing a high accuracy, affordable solution fully programmed off-line. Plus, using robot guidance and machine learning to make sure you’re always in the right place before you start the spindle to drill the hole, you can be confident that you are getting precise, repeatable results every time. 

It’s this intelligence which allows you to use smaller tools, smaller robots, creating no waste and all of that means that you’re using resources optimally (materials and energy).

This low payload, low energy and concession-free solution (part of Net Zero manufacturing strategy) is ideal for affordable automation of aerostructure small assemblies (hole sizes up to 10mm, although can be expanded with larger spindles).

How it works…

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True Position Robotics

Here you can see the lightweight, low energy (green) robotic drilling system @ FANUC UK Open House Event

True Position Robotics

Digital Twin to reality


  1. Low payload, low energy, concession-free (part of Net Zero manufacturing Strategy)
  2. Affordability as defined by achieving Return on Investment target price from Innovate UK project ADI: Automated Drilling and Inspection with key aerospace manufactures at positional accuracy and countersink control on small box aerostructures.
  3. Drill system
    1. High frequency, water cooled, vector controlled, spindle
    2. S6 Power (load/no-load cycles) = 5kW (6.6kW Pmax/5sec)
  • Automatic collet change (HSK ER16) – max drill diameter 10mm.
  1. Spindle chiller unit
  1. Clamp-up System (Patent 2593501)
    1. Countersink Control CpK 4.39; tolerance +/- 0.04mm.
    2. Servo controlled with live force feedback
  2. Controls cabinet (option to use 3rd party spindles)
    1. Frequency Controller and EtherCAT 3 programmed drill PLC
    2. Designed to connect to cell PLC or direct to robot.
  3. Metrology PC, Software, and hardware.
    1. ARC+ patent pending robot guidance with machine learning
    2. ProLink QC-Calc Statistical Process Control reporting
  • Position CpK 2.91; mean 0.053mm; tolerance 0.254 mm
  1. Creaform C-Track Elite tracker
    • Volume up to 16.6m3 per camera (max 4 cameras per set-up)
    • 025mm accuracy; 0.064mm volumetric accuracy (95% confidence limit)
  2. Connectivity
    1. TCP/IP, OPC-UA, Profinet, EtherCAT
  3. 0 Smart templates (to fit inside Siemens Product Lifecycle Management system – particularly to import into Process Simulate robot simulation).
    • We believe our customers will want to “touch” our products through virtual interfaces
  4. Options
    1. Tool changer
      • Option for full robotic tool change
    2. Robots
      • FANUC robots/cobots; KUKA; ABB, Siemens 840D
  • Services
    • Virtual manufacturing support
    • Off-line robot programming
    • Training, maintenance, and calibration services

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