Robotic 3D Geometric Inspection

In-process control and system validation

How does inspection fit into your current manufacturing process? 

Today, inspection of Aerostructures is most commonly found towards the end of a build during part validation. If the part passes, it can continue to the next production phase. But if it fails, the whole assembly may need rework or even to be scrapped, wasting time and money. But, what if inspection could be used to proactively eliminate concessions before an error has occurred rather than identifying issues once they have happened? 

Our goal at True Position Robotics is to create an advanced integrated system where metrology is built into the manufacturing process rather than only being done at the end during validation. This means that you can be measuring throughout the build; from where the parts are in the fixture (in-process) through to final validation (post-processing). We’ve also developed our solution with robotic tool changes so that you can carry out both your drilling and 3D geometric inspection using the same robot to help you limit waste and use less energy.

How it works…


The Robotic Software Hub

The “Robotic Software Hub” is at the heart of our robotic 3D geometric inspection solution (AIR: Automated Inspection and Reporting). To help you successfully integrate this software with your existing infrastructure, we have developed our own “plug & play” advanced software toolkit, that allows any robot to communicate with any PC-based process. Connections are available for most industrial robot controllers, but we are happy to port to any machine.

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Metrology PC, Software, and hardware.

  1. TPR’s advanced scripting software (Robotic Software Hub)
    1. Connecting robot with metrology hardware and analysis software
  2. Analysis Software
  3. Polyworks Collaborative Suite
  4. Metrology Hardware
  5. Creaform MetraSCAN-R BLACK Elite HD Laser Scanner
    • 69 blue laser lines
    • 3 million points per second
    • 025mm resolution
  6. Creaform C-Track Elite tracker
    • Volume up to 16.6m3 per camera (max 4 cameras per set-up)
    • 025mm accuracy; 0.078mm volumetric accuracy (95% confidence limit)
  7. Connectivity
  8. TCP/IP, OPC-UA, Profinet, EtherCAT
  9. 0 Smart templates (to fit inside Siemens Product Lifecycle Management system – particularly to import into Process Simulate robot simulation).
    • We believe our customers will want to “touch” our products through virtual interfaces
  10. Options
  11. Tool changer
    1. Option for full robotic tool change
  12. Robots
    1. FANUC robots/cobots; KUKA; ABB, Siemens 840D
  • Services
    • Measurement Plan creation / support
  1. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing support
  2. Off-line robot programming
  3. Training, maintenance, and calibration services

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