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Optimising your systems processes.

Is your robot simulation running as effectively and efficiently as possible? 

With new technology it can be difficult to know whether your system is running efficiently from the outset. You get the new system installed, but identifying opportunities for improvement, getting your questions answered and knowing who and where to go for these answers, can feel like a minefield.

In 2022 we completed an Innovate UK (ATI) Grant Funded project, called ADI (Automated Drilling and Inspection). This was supported by our technology partners Siemens PLM and Innovmetric Collaborative Suite (data-loop). Through this project, we broke through the vertically integrated supply chain, and investigated every stage, software and component within the digital thread. What became clear within this project was each specialist (at each stage of the digital thread) was great at advising about their particular package. However, when questions extended outside their remit, we often ended up going in circles without a resolution. This was because each specialist was looking at their component in isolation without looking at the whole system.

We’re here to help you get the most out of your simulation through technical support for simulation programming or by coming in on a subcontracted basis to get your system working as efficiently as possible.

The Digital Thread

The digital thread links all your 3D CAD software packages together to create a complete process. We work closely with our technology partners SimSol and 3D Scanners to offer support in using your digital tools.

1 Concept Design

2 Product Design

3 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

4 Metrology Planning

5 Robot Simulation

6 Process Control / PLC

7 Robot Controller

8 Operations / Informatics / Verification / Feedback


Towards Net Zero

To reach net zero, you need someone on your team who has experience of the full digital thread and who can pursue a full PLM integration. This will avoid potential duplication of work and errors, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. Find out how in our White Paper on the ‘Development of a robotic system for automated drilling and inspection of small aerostructures’. Here.

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Systems used: –

  1. Siemens PLM
    • NX Join
    • NX
    • NX GD&T
    • Process Simulate (including “SPOT” for drilling; “PAINT” for laser scanning; “OLP” for Off-line Programming (FANUC flavour)
  2. Innovmetric (3D Scanners)
    • Polyworks Collaborative suite including PMI+ and Polyworks Inspect
  3. TPR
    • Drilling system
    • Inspection System


The prices for TPR templates are included price for drilling and inspection systems

Coaching is via 8-off 2hr webinars (although bespoke site consultancy is available).

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