High Accuracy, Large Volume Robot Guidance

Live optical guidance system

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Robotic 3D Geometric Inspection (for in-process control and validation)

TPR offer integrated advanced optical metrology automated solutions

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Support for I4.0 Integration

Automate the creation of the virtual robot targets in the virtual robot simulation environment

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Green, Affordable, High Accuracy Robot Drilling and Countersinking

Drilling and countersinking robotic end-effectors

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Green, Intelligent, Robotic Aircraft Assembly

Supporting manufacturing to achieve net zero

Traditional manufacturing processes lead to inefficiencies, unnecessary scrap, and insufficient output volumes.


To help you achieve net zero, our patented software couples physical machinery with virtual manufacturing to create adaptive Digital Twins that are accurate to 0.1mm.


By taking information from multiple sources on the Digital Thread, our system guides your physical robot to match your simulations, which gives you a significant increase in productivity. This includes drilling and inspection, where actual manufacturing data is shared simply and efficiently back to the operations and design teams. The software also uses machine learning which takes into account the compliance of the robot during that process so you can be confident that your robot is drilling into the right place, every time. 


At TPR, we specialise in high accuracy robot metrology and End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT) technology to help you achieve precise and repeatable drilling and countersinking results every time, with a confidence limit of 99.7%. 


Our software brings all the stages of high precision drilling, countersinking and inspection together into one user interface.


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Robot Guidance: Make high speed accuracy and repeatability your top priority with our robotic guidance and digital twin technology; “Adaptive Robot Control (ARC)”. Find out more.


Robotic 3D Inspection: Build a zero waste system where inspection is built into the manufacturing process. Find out more.


Robot Drilling and Countersinking: Get identical results every time to within the highest aerospace tolerance requirements, by incorporating robot guidance and machine learning into your drilling and countersinking processes. Find out more.


Simulation and Programming Support: Know the right questions to ask to get the most out of this robot guidance and digital twin technology. Find out more.


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