Automate Show, Detroit 22-25 May 2023

TPR, a leading provider of high accuracy robot metrology and End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) technology, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Ascent Aerospace at the Automate 2023 trade show in Detroit. The show will take place from May 22nd to the 25th and will bring together the world’s premier robotics and automation suppliers and buyers.


Ascent Aerospace, a world-renowned, single-source provider of production and automated assembly systems for the aerospace and defence industry is a new partner to TPR. This partnership is a testament to TPR’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the aerospace and defence industry.


The Automate 2023 trade show in Detroit will offer TPR the opportunity to showcase its cutting-edge technology and demonstrate its capability in delivering high-quality, value-added services to customers. TPR will have an experienced engineer on hand to discuss the company’s manufacturing capabilities and assembly solutions and its dedication to providing end-to-end service to its clients.


“It is an honour to be partnered with Ascent Aerospace at the upcoming Automate 2023 trade show,” said TPR’s Director Roger Holden. “We look forward to showcasing our advanced manufacturing capabilities and expertise along with our partner and demonstrating how we can save time and money for our customers while enhancing their overall productivity.”


TPR is excited to participate in Automate 2023 and to partner with Ascent Aerospace to demonstrate its exceptional capabilities in assembly to the aerospace and defence industry.


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