Robot Guidance

One of the first contracts for TPR was BAE Systems “Factory of the Future” (part of Team Tempest). This was a progression from prior work at Nikon Metrology with both BAE and University of Nottingham in its FA3D (Future Automated Aircraft Assembly) project. The heart of the technology is TPR’s robotic guidance / digital twin technology called “Adaptive Robot Control (ARC)”.

The technology is very mature – being used in production at Airbus/GKN and Bombardier since the mid 2000’s. The innovation was in live tracking two frames (robot tool and base) and using that information for quasi-static robot guidance for high accuracy applications (the ceiling being a mix of robot resolution and metrology capability) – benchmarked numerous times at 0.1mm. It has also been used for path following applications using a particular application of machine learning. The prior art to this point was single frame tracking with a laser tracker.

On this project, multiple optical trackers are used (three from NDI), and ARC applied to a network of three KUKA robot arms, reconfigured by Electroimpact to run through a Siemens 840D NC controller.


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True Position Robotics

For enhanced volumes, multi-camera ARC is also available to same specification. Smaller volumes suffice with a single camera.

True Position Robotics

ARC + Interface


  1. Metrology PC, Software, and hardware.
  2. ARC copyright robot guidance
  3. Creaform C-Track Elite tracker
    • Volume up to 16.6m3 per camera (max 4 cameras per set-up)
    • 025mm accuracy; 0.064mm volumetric accuracy (95% confidence limit)
    • 3-sigma accuracy 0.1mm
  4. Connectivity
    1. TCP/IP, OPC-UA, Profinet, EtherCAT
  5. 0 Smart templates (to fit inside Siemens Product Lifecycle Management system – particularly to import into Process Simulate robot simulation).
    1. We believe our customers will want to “touch” our products through virtual interfaces
  6. Options
    1. Tool changer
      • Option for full robotic tool change
    2. Robots
      • FANUC robots/cobots; KUKA; ABB, Siemens 840D
  • Services
    • Virtual manufacturing support
    • Off-line robot programming
    • Training, maintenance, and calibration services

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