Made in the Midlands Partnership

In today’s ever-growing and ever-connected world, the ability for individuals to network and interact with each other has improved exponentially. This is no different in the world of Business. Building a successful business takes a lot of dedication, time and energy, so it’s sensible to have a network of business partners and connections to draw energy from and keep you in check.


By surrounding yourself with people who share a similar passion and determination, a business is more likely to move forward and achieve the success they desire. Business networking is a valuable way to learn from the success of others, expand your knowledge, obtain new clients and inform others about your business.


Therefore, we’ve decided to form a partnership with the Made in the Midlands organisation. The group evolved out of an editorial campaign in the pages of Business Report, a regional business publication. The campaign existed to challenge the erosion of British industry through a succession of poor decisions by UK government and financiers, their campaign revolved around a pledge signed by manufacturers to open a channel of communication with local firms, take on apprentices and export to new markets. Today Made in Midlands is the fastest growing membership group in the U.K with more than 500 members across various different sectors.


The group works with some of the largest OEMs and tier-one suppliers that have operations in the Midlands and the U.K as a whole, which gives True Position Robotics a good platform to network with. Being a member of the group presents us the opportunity to engage with their annual major exhibition at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry which is now considered one of the largest dedicated shows for manufacturers in the country. Along with this we also have a microsite through Made in Midlands which can be accessed here.


Here’s to a long and hopefully successful partnership.