TPR’s New Home

In this extraordinary year, things have been quiet not just at TPR, but a lot of companies and industries. Nevertheless, despite the turmoil and uncertainty that has surrounded not just the UK but the whole world in 2020, we at TPR have had time to refocus and realign our business strategy, as well as using our time productively during ‘lockdown’ to train all of our team to higher standard with the NPL Industrial Metrology courses. We have benefitted greatly from that certified training, enabling us to give an even higher level of service to you.



We are pleased to announce we have secured a new industrial unit in Basford, Nottingham which allows us greater floorspace to focus on developing our innovative robotic solutions. This includes our unique, patent pending, robot high accuracy guidance system Adaptive Robot Control Plus, and robotic Automated Inspection and Reporting, AIR. The greater freedom that this new unit allows also enables us to operate in a simpler ‘COVID safe’ way (compared to University Campus) – simply because of population density.



As we approach the autumn and winter months, now would be the time where we would be planning our annual Open House event to welcome guests to come and see and test our solutions for themselves, which would have coincided with our new industrial unit. However, obviously this is not possible in the current pandemic, but we are planning an online virtual alternative. So, keep your eyes peeled on our LinkedIn for any updates.