Growth in High Accuracy Robotics

Sir Colin Campbell Building

We have just moved office within the University of Nottingham’s Innovation Park (UNIP) to larger facilities due to business growth.


You can find us in the Sir Colin Campbell Building, next to “Aspire” a 60-metre tall work of art, the second tallest free-standing public work of art in the United Kingdom.


Before Christmas 2018 we undertook trials with our latest software “Adaptive Robot Control Plus (ARC+)” solution for high accuracy aerospace drilling and milling. The latest “Gen4” smart drill, at only 50Kg in weight has had a recent upgrade for improved performance on machining see the movie below


We have just started a relationship with Prolink to resell/integrate their QC-Calc real-time SPC solution with our ARC+ solution.


You wouldn’t use a tracker to set a jig and not supply an inspection report! Well with ARC+ we guide the robot to very high accuracy using a combination of Optical Guidance and Machine Learning – and then measure where the hole/countersink was actually produced. No need for separate measurement stations, and no overhead on cycle-time (measurements happen during the drill cycle), for in-process Statistical Process Control, and learning.


Process Capability



The result is great quality, and with standard robots and low payloads. ARC is proven in production for over 15 years.