Robotic NDT Inspection Systems

TPR represents FRS Robotics from Leuven, Belgium in the UK. FRS have developed a unique type of adaptive robot control for ultrasonic inspection of sheet metal “Body In White” (BIW) closure panels. Using a KUKA collaborative robot, the system “finds” the panel using force feedback sensors in the robot arm. This saves on complexity of the tooling, and as it’s a collaborative robot. No guarding is required as its completely safe to work side-by-side the operators!

Previously it has been difficult to robotically position an ultrasonic probe to measure a joint, because of small variances in the best “normality” position to get the optimal ultrasound signal. FRS use the ultrasound sensor feedback itself to guide the robot to the optimum position to make a measurement. This innovative and patented solution has been selected for the new Audi electric vehicle project to measure the seals on the hemmed joints of all closure panels.

True Position Robotics

In the UK, TPR will market and sell this solution. All projects will be technically coordinated by FRS in Belgium up to Factory Acceptance in their works, with local UK project management by TPR. TPR will then take care of installation, customer acceptance, training and support in UK, it will also procure the non-FRS elements (such as robots).

True Position Robotics

TPR is an integration partner in aerospace and through research centers in the UK. This includes different sensor and inspection requirements. As part of this initiative we are actively seeking partnerships with other sensor companies.


  • Robots
  • Tooling
  • Infrastructure
  • Training
  • Maintenance plans including:
    • Regular Software
    • Remote Support/Diagnostics
    • Hardware Calibration
  • Engineering Consultancy in advanced robotics
  • Local integration/development with new sensors and into new markets

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