Robotic 3D Inspection Systems

True Position Robotics (TPR) offer integrated advanced optical metrology automated solutions with two different sensor platforms. Each work in one large unified measurement volume (requiring no “jumps” or “stitching” of data). We deliver solutions that supply “great data”, for you to spend your time and effort on continuous improvement rather that data capture/processing.

The first solution is based on robotic laser scanning. It uses the NDI Pro-CMM optical tracker ScanTrackII (incorporating the Nikon Metrology new Blue Light Laser Scanner, with a sensor accuracy of 7µm (1σ) and resolution of 35µm.

The robot packaging and integration is by TPR. The system can be operated with a standard industrial robot or a new KUKA collaborative robot, opening the opportunity for automated low batch size inspection. Both deployments are operated with TPR automation software. The inspection platform is Nikon Metrology’s advanced “Focus” point cloud analysis software. This solution makes a powerful accessory to any ARC installation (as it uses the same NDI Pro-CMM tracking system).

The second solution uses Nikon Metrology’s Laser Radar. This is available via TPR, for non-automotive, fully automated solutions only. The Laser Radar’s unique optical range measurement technology, when mounted on a robot, becomes a large volume optical CMM with 3D accuracy of 10µm/m (2σ). The inspection platform is Polyworks, ideal for fast feature inspection and large volume surface point inspection.

Both solutions can be supplied as a complete turnkey system with HMI/PLC/Tooling using our network of specialist partners.


  • Robot interface (ABB, Fanuc, KUKA, Siemens, others on request)
  • Multi-instrument Systems (extended volume)
  • HMI/PLC/Tooling all as part of turnkey systems
  • Training
  • Maintenance plans including:
    • Regular Software
    • Remote Support/Diagnostics
    • Hardware Calibration
  • Engineering Consultancy including CAD design, Simulation/off-line Robot Programming

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