High Precision Robotic Aerospace Drilling

The heart of this solution is Adaptive Robot Control (ARC). ARC is a patented high precision live optical guidance system to ensure any standard industrial robot is positioned within 0.1mm of its nominal programmed position (as defined in any CADCAM system), as opposed to off-line calibrated robots or open-loop predictive algorithms, which have much wider tolerances.

It is interesting for manufacturers, integrators and research institutes; with a proven track record of over 10 years in production, producing concession free process to customer requirements of +/-0.2mm.


True Position Robotics

For enhanced volumes, multi-camera ARC is also available to same specification.

True Position Robotics

A beta version of enhanced ARC (ARC plus) incorporating machine learning is going for customer trials this autumn and will be commercially available in 2019. The target True Position tolerance is +/-0.127mm and initial soak testing based on our smart drill over 240 cycles had a standard deviation of 0.05mm!


  • Robot interface (ABB, Fanuc, KUKA, Siemens, others on request)
  • Multi-camera (extended volume)
  • Bespoke tools (including Gen4 robot drill)
  • I4.0 modules
    • Machine Learning
    • SPC
    • Process Stability
  • Training
  • Maintenance plans including:
    • Regular Software
    • Remote Support/Diagnostics
    • Hardware Calibration
  • Engineering Consultancy including CAD design, Simulation/off-line Robot Programming

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