Dynamic Tracking for Robotic R&D and Structural Testing

As well as with NDI on hardware, TPR has partnered with CTech Metrology from Leuven, Belgium on software. CTech have developed two important software solutions, one is for alignment, the other for inspection. This supersedes the Nikon DMM (Dynamic Measurement Machine software).

Historically the largest market for industrial optical trackers in the UK has been in “DMM” including Engineering and Structural Test. The combination of new NDI trackers and CTech software allows “anything” that moves – to be measured and analyzed. Measurements of frames can be nested/associated to analyze complex kinematic mechanisms. This covers such diverse markets as industrial robot performance checking, R&D, Landing Gear Structural Testing, Aircraft Structures Testing, Towing Tanks, Automotive door/closure analysis, suspension analysis and complex kinematics such as automotive retractable roofs.

C Track in operation

TPR will resell these solutions in the UK, and our partners will support us with sales of TPR applications overseas. We are collaborating together as a community in this art.

TPR has a specialist partner for robot calibration using their own methodologies as well as reselling equipment and consultancy “Cognibotics” from Lund in Sweden. We are always happy to collaborate with partners in the field of advanced robotics.


  • Multi-Camera
  • Software Interfaces (ie HBM)
  • Training
  • Maintenance plans including:
    • Regular Software
    • Remote Support/Diagnostics
    • Hardware Calibration
  • Engineering Consultancy in advanced robotics

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